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Time to meet the therapists...
“This is my tenth year in the massage field and I have been blessed to work with a vast population of clients.  I specialize in pre and post surgery issues for neck, back and legs but certainly have plenty of clients that come to me just because they’ve tweaked a muscle and need some deep tissue work. I also incorporate a modality called myofascial release to help with scar tissue and other restrictions due to surgery or injury. For people with auto-immune diseases, I use a modality called lymphatic drainage which helps with circulation and allows the client to feel less sluggish and have more energy.  Massage therapy is good not only for the body, but the mind and soul.”
“You can’t argue with experience. I graduated massage school in 2006 and went on for further training as an EMT, making me even more intrigued with injury work and a variety of forms of deep tissue massage. Do you have what I call “computer hands and arms”? That spot under your “chicken wing” that no one seems to be able to get to? Come on in and let’s get to work!”
“I’ve owned Oasis Day Spa since 2005- first when we were in Lowell, and now that we’ve moved to Tewksbury. I’ve seen it grow and change but always retain a comfortable, client-focused atmosphere. I’ve been a massage therapist for 13 years and still love the field and what it offers to clients, whether it’s pain relief, recovery from injury, or just a mental “time out”.  You may not always see me on the online schedule but if you are looking to book a massage with me,  email shelley@oasisdayspama.com and we will find a time that works.”
I’ve been practicing both Eastern and Western modalities since 2005. Asian bodywork is effective in revitalizing the body by opening the energy channels, otherwise known as meridians. This helps to detoxify the body, mobilize joints, and increase flexibility and circulation. The modalities I focus on are Acupressure, Traditional Thai massage, and Barefoot Shiatsu and I often incorporate blended modalities in my work according to the current needs of my client. I have advanced training for those living with cancer or other life changing illnesses. As for those who just want to relax and rejuvenate through massage, I offer a blended Swedish and hot stone massage. Book an appointment and we will figure out the best mix of treatments that fits your unique body and mind.

So, now that you know all about us and what really DOES make us special....
Book ONLINE Today

1147 Main Street- Suite 212- Cottage Place. Tewksbury, MA  info@oasisdayspama.com 978-884-8957mailto:info@oasisdayspama.comshapeimage_15_link_0

Oasis Day Spa? 

...So,what makes you so special?

Well actually, we like to think we are very special indeed. Do you feel like every time you take a drive you see yet another massage place opening up? Here’s how we are different...

Experience. That one word probably matters most of all. We have seasoned therapists who know not only how to make you comfortable, they know exactly where to start to help your sore lower back or running injuries. No cookie cutter massages here- each one is unique and tailored entirely to your needs.

Our clients are like family. We are a small and comfortable spa. We aren’t pretentious and don’t pretend we are something we’re not.  As a result, we are able to know our clients very well. We know the pressure you like for your massage, that you don’t like the heating pad on, and  we remember that nasty car accident you were in years ago that wreaks havoc on your neck. In fact, we’ve worked on many of our current clients for the past 9 years. With many massage places, there is a revolving door with new therapists coming and going from month to month. I’m happy to say that our current therapists have been working with me for years - Callie (since 2005) and Sheena (since 2006). That’s nearly the entire time I’ve been in business so that’s saying something!

AND the PRICE. You know it’s important and so do we. Our prices are comparable (and in some cases less expensive) than any local massage chains. You can’t beat that. If you’ve been in to see us within the last 35 days, your 60 min massage is $56, your 90 minute is $80. It’s that simple- no contracts, no pressure. And if that wasn’t enough, for every 5 massages you get with us, you get an extra 1/2 hr added on to your 6th massage for free!

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